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We like to do more than just work on your car. Feel free to stop in for a few minutes and enjoy a cold beer on us. We have free Wi-Fi available and a comfortable space for you to get any work done if your services are a little longer than a simple oil change.

We were in your shoes, on your side of the conversation. We tinkered, wrenched, and tuned, caring for our cars in every way possible making them our own. Our cars became a part of ourselves. But when a repair became too great to conquer alone, we only trusted a select few to get us back on the road the right way. Now we are your select few. Our goal is your goal, to receive the sort of care, repair and expertise you seek.

Black Canyon Performance was built as a solution for buyers, drivers, owners and enthusiasts of high performance German cars. Working on Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini and Volkswagen under our roof allows us to express our passion for these machines, and those who drive them.

We are real people working for real people. We believe in precise and accurate work the first time around for a fair price. We believe in trust, transparency and exceeding your expectations. And we believe in these cars, our customers and our objective to keep both on the road, and on the track, for as many miles as possible.

We know, you bought your Audi, BWM, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini or VW because of the way it drives, we did too. We also know, many of you want to push that driving experience one step further. Tighter handling, more power, livelier sounds, and head turning looks. The good news is, we do that too. Whether your goal is to advance your daily driver to put a bigger smile on your face during that morning commute, or to build a competitive track worthy race car, we have the solutions and the expertise to help get you there. We work with the best local and national tuners, part manufacturers and even driving instructors to make sure you and your vehicle are ready for any asphalt that lies ahead.


Piotr Slabiak Auto Electrician
Piotr Slabiak (Cork Pop)
Auto Electrician
Jason P Auto Mechanic
Jason P (JP)
Auto Mechanic
Chris McNeal Owner
Chris McNeal
European Car Service Arvada
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