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Trust the transmission experts. Black Canyon Performance offers high-end transmission repairs by certified auto specialists. Based in Arvada and serving the Front Range cities.

When it comes to your transmission and your clutch, catching problems early can be crucial to avoiding extensive transmission repair costs or even replacement. Transmission maintenance should be a regular part of your car service schedule. But especially in mountainous Colorado, transmission repairs can often pop up unexpectedly. 

Signs You May Need a Car Transmission Repair

Here are a few early warning signs to watch out for when it comes to your transmission. At the first sign of trouble, you should take your vehicle in immediately to have it inspected by a specialist. 

  • Your vehicle is struggling to change gears. Low-transmission fluid or a leak may mean you need a transmission line repair.
  • You smell an acrid burning odor. This can be your engine overheating. 
  • The vehicle starts slipping gears. This can be quite dangerous while driving, and requires immediate attention. 
  • Your check engine light comes on. This can mean a myriad of hard-to-spot problems. 
  • You see a red liquid leaking from your car. This means a transmission leak. 
  • The car shakes or makes a grinding noise. This is more common in automatic cars, but you may need an automatic transmission service. 
  • When you press the clutch pedal, it drags, indicating a failure to disengage the clutch disk. 

Take Your Vehicle to the Transmission Repair Specialists

At Black Canyon Performance, we love the cars we work on, and it shows. Unlike other transmission repair shops, we only work on Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Mercedes models. Our repair specialists are experts on these vehicles, offering professional, knowledgeable service that comes with our own service guarantee. 

If you think your car may need a transmission repair, don’t waste another day bringing it to the auto repair shop. Call today to schedule an inspection, and see the Black Canyon difference in both service and repair quality. Based in Arvada, with additional locations in Denver, Boulder, Castle Rock, Ft Collins, Colorado Springs, and Evergreen, CO.

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