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Top Reasons to Consider Timing Belt Replacement in Arvada, CO Now

Black Canyon Performance is a professional auto repair shop in Arvada, CO specializing in timing belt replacement for European cars, serving customers in Denver, Boulder, CO and surrounding cities.

For car maintenance mechanics, one of the most overlooked tasks vehicle owners put off is timing belt replacement. This piece of equipment has a crucial role in making the engine work properly. Its purpose is to rotate the cam and crankshaft of the engine in sync and ensure that the cylinders fire at the right moment.

For this reason, you should not delay timing belt replacement, especially if you have a European car. You made a significant investment in your vehicle and you want to enjoy it for as much as possible. However, should the timing belt fail, the engine will stop running and may even get damaged. Such a problem would far exceed the timing belt replacement cost.

Signs of a Failing Timing Belt

Car mechanics have a specific set of routines for the maintenance of European cars, especially for:

  • Audi
  • BMW 
  • Mercedes
  • Mini
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen

One of the things they are looking for is a sign that timing belt replacement is necessary. Even you should be able to recognize these signs. They are:

  • There are ticking noise from the engine
  • The engine misfires or doesn’t turn over
  • You notice oil leaks in front of the motor
  • Your car emits heavy exhaust fumes

Benefits of Timing Belt Replacement before it Deteriorates 

Many car owners postpone this service procedure due to high timing belt replacement cost. Indeed, it is one of the most expensive car repairs. But, as we explained above, you risk major engine damage if you don’t replace the timing belt on time. And this would mean an even higher expense, if not having to write off the car completely.

However, once you’ve decided on timing belt replacement, you will instantly note the benefits:

  • Your car becomes more fuel-efficient
  • You will notice an increase in horsepower
  • Future maintenance and repairs will be simpler and less expensive

As a general rule, the average period for replacing the timing belt is after every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Take Your Car to Reliable Timing Belt Replacement Specialists!

Black Canyon Performance is a car maintenance and repair shop specializing in European brands located in Arvada, CO. Our service area covers:

  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Castle Rock
  • Ft. Collins
  • Colorado Springs
  • Evergreen

Bring your European car to the best auto repair shop for timing belt replacement. Call us: 303-423-0588!

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