We were in your shoes, on your side of the conversation. We tinkered, wrenched, and tuned, caring for our cars in every way possible making them our own. Our cars became a part of ourselves. But when a repair became too great to conquer alone, we only trusted a select few to get us back on the road the right way. Now we are your select few. Our goal is your goal, to receive the sort of care, repair and expertise you seek.

Black Canyon Performance was built as a solution for buyers, drivers, owners and enthusiasts of high performance German cars. Working on Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Mini and Volkswagen under our roof allows us to express our passion for these machines, and those who drive them.

We are real people working for real people. We believe in precise and accurate work the first time around for a fair price. We believe in trust, transparency and exceeding your expectations. And we believe in these cars, our customers and our objective to keep both on the road, and on the track, for as many miles as possible.

Our Team

Originally from Southern Oregon, I moved to Colorado after high school to attend automotive school. I have been here ever since! I try to take advantage of all of the activities that Colorado has to offer, from exploring 4x4 trails to mountain biking and camping.
My interest in cars transformed into an obsession when I purchased my first Audi Avant at the age of 18. At that point, I knew European cars would become my passion -- I love the way they look, drive, and feel. Nothing else compares to the fit, finish, and attention to detail that European cars have. I enjoy driving them, working on them, and modifying them, but my favorite part of working in the automotive industry is engaging with our clients and building long-term relationships with them and their vehicles.
Piotr Slabiak Auto Electrician
Piotr Slabiak (Cork Pop)
Auto Electrician
Originally from Poland, cars have been my passion as far as I can remember. At one point of my life being maybe 12 years old and still in Europe I have seen a technician working on advanced electrical problem on 1992 Opel Kadett GSI. I still have the picture in my head of full digital dashboard and few computers on the floor. There was a lot of wires and wiring diagrams everywhere and in the center of it a guy having fun. At this moment, I knew that is what I would like to do for a living.
My first car was a 1977 Fiat 125p. The car was breaking down on a regular basis, so I had great grounds to practice my mechanical skills :) I started working on cars full time in 2002. All my career I worked on German Cars and in 2006, I had the opportunity to work for USA BMW Headquarters in New Jersey. I met some really interesting people and had a chance to overlook very interesting projects.
For fun, I enjoy playing with advanced electronic systems especially on car applications. As a result of my passion for electronics lately, I have developed some micro controllers which are being used on Audi cars to help the owners overcome some factory design flaws.
I moved to Colorado because I love the mountains. I'm a pretty serious dirt biker and mountain biker. I race Colorado Moto Enduro Series and I also often ride awesome Colorado single tracks.
Jason P Auto Mechanic
Jason P (JP)
Auto Mechanic
I have over 10 years of experience as a German auto mechanic. Born and raised in Colorado, I attended school for Volkswagen tech training in Arizona. Upon graduation I returned to Colorado to begin my career. In 2011 I completed his Volkswagen master technician requirements and has spent the years since refining his skills. My experience from both dealerships and private shops has grown my mechanical knowledge from mainly Volkswagen to include other German brands as well as domestic, and foreign brands.
When I am not working I usually spend time with my girlfriend and dogs. Throughout the year I play in adult hockey leagues and in the warmer months I spend a lot of time maintaining my gardens. When I am not on the ice or pruning my roses, I love to explore new restaurants, breweries and all the interesting festivals and events Colorado has to offer.
Chris McNeal Owner
Chris McNeal
Hey there, Chris McNeal here. I’m the owner of Black Canyon Performance and a long time European car enthusiast--starting back in my early teenage years. I learned mechanics with my grandfather at a young age, and with that knowledge base, I practiced on European cars throughout my teens.
Originally an IT professional, I transitioned to professional European car repair in 2012. Serving as a technician at several Colorado European car shops, I vastly expanded my knowledge of European car repair, maintenance, performance upgrades, and racing. Today, my passion lies in providing an exceptional end product, an enjoyable workplace, and an unmatched customer experience.
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